ICT-Verstas Oy

ICT-Verstas Ltd is a customer service consultancy in the information technology sector. We provide our customers management solutions to enhance the ICT infrastructure. Our customizable solutions consist of services, equipment and software.

ICT-Verstas offers its customers an easy and reliable solution of managing ICT-management products throughout their life cycle. We have specialized expertise in virtualization of applications, workstations, servers and data.

Virtualization allows customers to improve productivity and speed of change. At the same time, they save time as well as money and facilitating the IT organization and everyday life becomes easier. We do the difficult things easy.

Our vision is to become the most professional company in Finland, offering consultancy of ICT environments. Selected areas include application-, workstation-, server and data virtualization.

Our mission is to improve clients' profitability and speed of change by using tools provided by information technologies.

ICT-Verstas is owned by Cygate Ltd.


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Hitsaajankatu 24, 00810 Helsinki, Finland
Phone: +358 50 551 2225
Email: firstname [dot] lastname [at] cygate [dot] fi or sales [at] cygate [dot] fi

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